April 1. Reading, reflecting, and discussing FDR's "Arsenal for Democracy" speech.
HW: Read and reflect on George S. Patton's speech, "The Invasion of Normandy" (pp. 71-72)

April 2. Finish discussion of "Arsenal for Democracy." Read more complete version of Patton's speech. Reactions? Purpose? Style?
HW: Read and be prepared to discuss W. E. B. DuBois, "Behold the Land" (pp. 73-78)

April 3. Discuss DuBois. What is his vision? How does his vision relate to visions developed during the Civil Rights Movement?
external image paul-robeson.jpg
HW: Work on independent projects

April 4. In the Mac Lab. Work on independent projects.
HW: Read beginning of Paul Robeson's speech "For Freedom and Peace." We will read the rest in class and then discuss. How, and how effectively, does Robeson defend communism?

April 8. Establish project presentation calendar. Finish reading Robeson's speech. Generate three questions that emerge for you based on your reading. Ask and discuss.
HW: Prep questions on Robeson speech
external image Eleanor.jpg
April 9. 1. Presentations/Projects calendar. 2. Lincoln speeches with comments in Google Drive. 3. Robeson discussion.
HW: Read Margaret Chase Smith, "Declaration of Conscience," and Eleanor Roosevelt, "The United Nations as a Bridge." Reading quiz possibility?

April 10. What's the significance of women delivering these political speeches? Share observations on content and style of these two speeches.

HW: Project prep. First of our presentations will begin end of next week!

April 11. To the Mac Lab. Project work. Make this impressive!!
HW: Read Douglas MacArthur, "Sylvanus Thayer Award Acceptance Speech, 'Duty, Honor, Country.'"

April 15. MacArthur responses. Watch this reminiscence on MacArthur's "Duty, Honor, Courage" speech. What does this story reveal about the tenuousness of the historical record?

Let's try something creative with MacArthur's speech (or any other speech of your choosing). Check out this presentation on "black out poetry."

In class and for HW, create your own black out poem based on MacArthur's speech or any other speech we've read so far (or even a speech we haven't read together). We will share our black out poems with each other over the next two days.

April 16. Share and post black-out poems.
HW: Project work.

April 17. Project work in class and for HW

April 18. Project work in class and for HW.

April 22. Project work in class.
HW: Read Martin Luther King (pp. 121-124) and JFK "Ich Bin Ein Berliner"

April 23. Project presentations: Nick F. and Neil / Molly and Katie
HW: Read JFK's inaugural address

April 24. Project presentations: Jason and Jill.
HW: Read Winston Churchill (pp. 57-58) and JFK's speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

April 25: Project presentations: Christopher and Stephen G. / Ben and Matt; read Steve Jobs speech in class.
HW: Read Vince Lombardi speech.

April 29: Project presentations: Nick P. and Steve H. / Madison

April 30: Project presentations: Alanna (spree day)

May 1: Project Presentations: Shannon / Mr. Dunne

May 2: