February Calendar

Week 1abraham_lincoln_art_oil_painting_by_debra_hurd_2_69b92f9568dcc6f594970223cec6df0e.jpg

Feb 4. Anti-Slavery Speeches website discussion. How did we do with this project?: discussion and assessment. Introduce Writing Option 1, due next Tuesday.
HW: Work on Writing Option 1 (required).

Feb 5. SNOW DAY! See adjustments below...

Feb 6. Continue website discussions.
HW: Read Lincoln's "Cooper Union" speech. WARNING: This is a long speech. Give yourself appropriate time. Expect a reading quiz tomorrow.

Feb 7. Discuss Lincoln's "Cooper Union" address. How does it compare to the other anti-slavery speeches we've been reading?
HW: Work on Writing Option 1 (required), due Tuesday.

Week 2

Feb 11. Writing Option due. Read and discuss Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." What makes this one of the most celebrated speeches in history?
HW: Read Lincoln's Greatest Speech pp. 17-42 (Printed Text of the Second Inaugural and Chapter 1, "Inauguration Day").

Feb 12. Discuss the speech and chapter 1 (occasion, context, expectations, first impressions...)
HW: Read Lincoln's Greatest Speech chapter 2 ("at this second appearing...")

Feb 13. SNOW DAY!

Feb 14. Meet in library: read through chapter 3
HW: Be prepared to discuss Chapters 2 and 3 in class on Wednesday

Week 3

Feb 18. NO SCHOOL (Professional Development Day)

Feb 19. Discuss Chapters 2 and 3
HW: Read Chapter 4 ("...somehow the cause of the war..."). Be prepared to get right into the discussion tomorrow.

Feb 20. Discuss Chapter 4.
HW: Read Chapter 5 ("Both read the same Bible, and pray to the same God...").

Feb 21. Discuss Chapter 5. Nick P. will start us off with some thoughts about the place of God in Lincoln's 2nd inaugural. Have something to add about God's role, or about some other significant element White discusses in the chapter.
HW: WARNING, this reading is a bit longer than we've had... Read Chapter 6 ("The Almighty has His own purposes.").

Week 4

Feb 25. Discuss Chapter 6. How does Lincoln understand "complicity" as it applies to North and South and slavery? How does Lincoln see God's role in this war? What new issues emerge in this chapter that help us understand Lincoln's thinking and the message delivered in this speech?
HW: Read Chapter 7 ("...every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword...")

Feb 26. Discuss Chapter 7.
HW: Read Chapter 8 ("With malice toward none; with charity for all...")

Feb 27. In class, read Chapter 9 ("...better than anything I have produced, but...it is not immediately popular.") and Epilogue. On Thursday, I will post the essay question for Friday's in-class writing.
HW: Prepare for in-class writing

Feb 28. Mac Lab, Main 306. In-class writing, written in Google docs and shared with me, mdunne@thayer.org