Speechmaking in U.S. HistoryWriting Option I:Anti-Slavery Addresses
due in class Tuesday, February 11

Directions: Respond to one of the assignments below with a thoughtful, well-organized essay of approximately three pages (double-spaced). Be sure you answer the question!

A. Using the anti-slavery speech your team has been analyzing (or another team's speech if you'd like), explain the purpose of the speech (what was the speaker trying to accomplish by delivering the speech). Use three of Safire’s other elements of great speeches to explain how the speaker effectively shaped his or her speech in order to achieve that purpose.

B. Based upon factors of your own choosing, compare and contrast two of the anti-slavery speeches you and your classmates have been assessing. Be sure there are some similarities between the speeches you select so there is some reasonable basis for a comparison, but discuss similarities and differences as you build your essay.